Aimed at young travellers, their families and visitors, the annual summer festival promises to be more enriching and experiential this year

IMG_0110Bengaluru, May 04, 2017: With the arrival of the holiday season, Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru has turned into a playground once more. To make family time at the Airport more fulfilling, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) announced the commencement of ‘Playport’, a fun, customer-engagement activity, designed specifically for the holiday passengers and visitors who pass through or visit the Airport in large numbers during this time of the year.

This year, Playport, is based on the theme of ‘Happy Experiences’ to enhance the experience of travellers and visitors through discovery, learning and fun. Young passengers can enjoy life-size surfing, mind activities, online games like Kancha Returns, Knots and Crosses, as well as a mix of fun and creative activities. Snooker football has also been set up for both kids and adults. Additionally, magic shows, tattoo artists and other exciting activities will be a part of the Playport experience. Spread over various parts of the Airport, this activity will run through to 15th May.

IMG_0119“We Believe airports are all about experiences. Our aim is To turn regular travel into a meaningful and memorable journey. We conceptualized Playport keeping in mind travel during the peak holiday season and wanted to offer visitors a unique and engaging experience while waiting at the airport. We want their vacation to begin right here at Bengaluru Airport,” said Mr. Hari Marar, President Airport Operations, BIAL.

BIA (2)“Playport has been highly successful in enabling visitors to experience the Airport in a new and refreshing way,” he further added. “We encourage everyone to come and spend time here and make our airport a destination they can visit during the summer holidays.”

BIA (3)Customer engagement is a part of BIAL’s ongoing endeavour to create a unique experience for its guests. BIAL organized the first edition of Playport in 2011, which was introduced to engage the young traveller and featured interesting activities and workshops. The second edition in 2012 revolved around the theme of Malgudi Days and introduced guests to the games of South India, while the third edition of Playport in 2016 was based on the concept of Then & Now which combined the games of yesteryears with the latest digital games.

Summer offers at BLR Airport Each year, Playport brings something interesting for everyone. During this year’s summer festival, all shopping outlets at the Airport will have special deals for travellers. In addition, passengers and visitors can avail shopping and dining vouchers up to INR 5000 by downloading the BLR Airport App on Android App or iOS App Store.