• iEGR technology will bring significant cost efficiencies vis-à-vis competition
  • The only domestic OEM to use iEGR technology above 130HP 

Ashok Leyland Pix111th May, 2017, Bengaluru: Ashok Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja Group, and the 2nd largest commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturer in India, today showcased its range of future ready products, based on Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation (iEGR) technology, and innovative industry-leading services at its Zonal Conference 2017 in Bengaluru. Pioneering the indigenous development and application of the iEGR technology, Ashok Leyland is the only domestic OEM to implement this technology successfully for its products above 130 Horse Power (HP). Thus, Ashok Leyland has, once again, brought its technology prowess and Indian innovation to the fore for the benefit of its customers.

Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation (iEGR) technology is a simple yet innovative solution to achieving the desired results in order to meet the BS4 norms. This technology is not only better suited to Indian conditions compared to Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology (based on European technology) but will also prove to be hugely cost effective, easy to operate and hassle-free to maintain. All of which will benefit the Ashok Leyland customer, resulting in better margins compared to products by OEMs which are based on SCR technology.

With iEGR technology as the highlight, the Company displayed a mix of over thirty innovative products and services, featuring trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles (LCVs), simulators, quick service bikes and gensets.

(L-R) Mr. Dheeraj G Hinduja – Chairman, Ashok Leyland and Mr. Vinod K. Dasari – Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Ashok LeylandSpeaking on the occasion Mr. Vinod K. Dasari – Managing Director, Ashok Leyland, said, “Ashok Leyland has many innovative class leading firsts to its credit through the years. This showcase of the iEGR technology across our product range bears further testimony of our capability to roll-out technology-led future ready products. More so this indigenous technology will help us deliver on our brand promise of ‘Aapki Jeet, Hamari Jeet’ in multiple ways. For our customers it will mean ease of use and better cost efficiencies. For the environment it will mean more efficient fuel combustion and improved emissions. The indigenous development of iEGR technology will also mean faster time to market and minimal cost of implementation. We have emerged as the ONLY OEM in India to have achieved this.”

Taking the brand promise of ‘Aapki Jeet, Hamari Jeet’ further, the Company has, in recent years, expanded its network rapidly to cater to its wide set of customers. It has 1000 touch-points with an additional 5000 outlets for Leyparts, the genuine spare parts brand. A service centre at every 75kms on all major highways, Ashok Leyland delivers its “Tatkaal” promise of reaching customers within 4 hours and getting their vehicle back on-road within 48 hours.

Similarly, there are a slew of initiatives and programs by the Company which is defining the aftermarket business in the CV industry:

  • Add-on service packages: Packages like Annual Maintenance Contract, Extended Warranty Package and ALLCOVER aim at giving peace of mind for the customers. Comprehensive cover, Pan-India support, Genuine parts, etc. at reasonable cost help in better uptime and profitability
  • Express Bay: Ensures hassle free service with repair time assurance to the customer. For dealers this helps in better productivity, efficiency and utilization
  • KNOW: Knowledge On Wheels is a unique initiative which provides on-site training to channel partners and others. Built on an eComet or a Boss truck, this classroom on wheels is a fully equipped with all the amenities and features to make learning easy and accessible
  • Accident care call centre: 24×7 call centre that provides complete accident care for Ashok Leyland vehicles
  • Quick Service: Innovative service idea where a mechanic is dispatched on a two-wheeler as soon as a call is made after a breakdown resulting in quicker resolution of the problem
  • Eas-E-Pay: It is a one stop solution for quick and secured payments anywhere any time
  • Workshop on Wheels: Provides service support at customers’ doorstep anywhere
  • Network range poster: With a vast network expansion, ALL is enabled to provide service anywhere and everywhere at the customers’ service
  • Quick Service Bike: With the Quick Service Bike solution, customer receives an immediate response to a sudden breakdown of vehicle by calling on the ALL toll free number. A mechanic is immediately dispatched on a two wheeler to attend the breakdown
  • i-ALERT: i-ALERT is a state of the art system that allows real time tracking of the vehicle movement.
  • Pit stop model: 24/7 online tracking through GPS and breakdown support by Head Office team for quick response within one hour and restoration within four hours

List of products displayed at the Zonal Conference 2017 in Bengaluru:

Model Vertical
Captain 3723 container Trucks
Captain 3118 POL tank Trucks
Captain 2518 haulage Trucks
Captain 3123 22Cu M Trucks
U 2518 16 Box 9sBGS Trucks
Captain 4923 tip trailer Trucks
U 4019 Trucks
Captain 3718 Haulage Trucks
3118 TS cowl chassis Trucks
1618 TGSF chassis Trucks
U2518/1 R cab chassis Trucks
GURU 1111 container Trucks
Ecomet 1212 7Cum Tipper Trucks
BOSS A1 1223 Trucks
Viking Bus
Lynx Smart AC Bus
Freedom Bus
Sunshine Bus
Partner LCV