IMG_0039 (Cropped)Disruption in the healthcare sector is always an ever evolving phase and the global demand in serving patients will rapidly keep expanding in the coming days. Medical diagnostics have ruled the roost and the effective up gradation of the healthcare delivery ensures that we need to take care of all our stakeholders in a responsible manner by ensuring affordable healthcare, so that it reaches to every nook and corner of the globe. Logistical and technological loopholes need to be immediately replaced with effective intervention and a proper system of checks and balances catering to international standards, so that the end user does not feel neglected or discriminated.

The aged population and the high prevalence of various epidemics warrants a proactive approach to filter as well as maintain an updated version of Electronic Health Records wherein systematic analysis and proper standard references will definitely result in ensuring world class healthcare delivery .

Data Analytics and Internet Of Things really can streamline the entire process and can even ensure that more professionals take up these domains of specialisations since the scope and growth in this domain is expanding at a larger pace.

MiraMed Ajuba completing its 16 year with an organizational revamp and a brand new logo is certainly positive on expanding its operations keeping in mind the competitive spirit in this sector. With the healthcare ITeS sector booming due to the increase in products and services coupled with various focus areas like machine learning technology, Robotics and Pharmogenetics ( that are also key to the future of healthcare)  , MiarMed Ajuba is planning to transition to the next level striving for excellence with a spirit to deliver effective results .

Genetics has some of the best kept secrets and answers to a large number of biological complications. This heightens our pursuit to crack the code with its deeply engrossing research which in turn can have profound impact in the lives of people. The genetic differences or genes leading to the varied results in drug response in a human being can reduce the side effects of the drugs when consumed due to the bliss of an area called Pharmacogenetics that combines the study of pharmacology and genomics.

I would definitely like to touch upon the fact that we need to have massive investments and specialised training in the area of cyber security, since we cannot afford to lose confidential and sensitive data in the form of a theft or a leak.

Healthcare needs to be affordable and easily accessible. Denying it to someone only be termed as an inconceivable form of discrimination.  A country or a region which focuses on the overall health related aspects of its citizens or an individual can really be termed as an progressive and a responsible nation which catapults it to a different level in the global index of its assessment despite various geopolitical happenings or external / internal turbulences.

The ICD 10 transition in the medical coding is another positive disruption as millions of employees working on this transition are certainly laying the foundation for a new start and our hospital systems will tremendously benefit from this transition. Focus definitely needs to be more on enhancing the training modules and also keep in tandem with the contemporary medical technology available to serve our clients.

In this age of apps and software based applications, the next level of digital disruption has already started yielding high impact results in all major domains of the industry including healthcare.

I am extremely positive and hopeful on the future of this great industry which is creating massive far reaching effects and differences in the lives of millions.